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Our Expertise

Our years of industry experience allow us to provide solutions for even the most complex issues, but it’s our passion that creates next-level results. We love what we do and you will too.


Back-end to front-end work. We’re fluent in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Angular, .NET and MySQL. Confused about which one you need? We know that too.


Android, iOS, Windows Phones - we can work with any app format. Mobile responsive designs are no longer an option, they’re a necessity.


Full service design work. We provide graphic design and professional UI/UX for web and mobile apps. We go beyond aesthetics with designs that drive action.


The very best in MySQL, SQL, Mongo DB and Oracle solutions. We’ll ensure that your site functions as flawlessly as it looks.


Online strategies from scratch, or improvements to what you’ve already started. From branding to campaigns, we can manage it all.


Creation, engagement, and meaningful interactions on all platforms. We’ll ensure those fans and followers result in an actual ROI, not just a vanity metric.


Identifying ideal prospects and turning them into loyal customers. We’ll show you how to set up an automated process for maximum profitability.


Unsure of where to go, or how to start? Expert guidance on the aspects of your business that need it most.


Our team


Web and Graphic Designer

Zeljka doesn’t stop at making projects “look good”, she works tirelessly on the user experience to ensure that those appealing designs also drive action.


Founder and CEO

Nikola’s years of experience in IT industry and entrepreneurial background have allowed him to act as both CEO and CTO of NO Solutions...well, that and the fact that he never sleeps. He says that he’s driven to succeed by his clients and his team members even more than his coffee...that’s a lot.


Project Manager and Client Liaison

Sladjana is responsible for creating the plans that lead our team and clients to success. She has a way of knowing exactly what each client needs, and wastes no time in finding a solution.


Front-end and Wordpress Developer

Jovan creates custom WordPress themes and provides our clients with technical support. He values working in a dynamic environment that constantly challenges him to improve his skills.


Market Research

Tijana is head of Market Research. With a degree in economics and her interest in consumer trends, she’s able to recognize market opportunities and develop plans to capitalize. As a lover of language (she’s fluent in three) she has also taken to copywriting for many of our clients projects.


Front-end Developer

Experienced Front-end developer, proficient in HTML5, CSS3, BootStrap3, Sass, Twig and Git (if those mean nothing to you, chances are you could use his help).


Wordpress Super Hero

He first got in touch with HTML and development back in 2004. Since then, he’s been researching everything that has to do with photography, graphic and UI/UX design, front-end development and WordPress themes creation. PHP is his new challenge. He loves visiting concerts and sports games.


Front-end Developer

A Front-end developer who used to work as a IT education and mathematics professor, and a designer. Skilled with HTML 5, CSS3.0 and JavaScript. Working on his React, Meteor, Angular, Underscore, Ionic and EcmaScript 6 skills.


PHP Back-end Developer

Nikola is a young PHP developer who loves working in a dynamic environment, with people who are continuously learning. He enjoys fishing and biking. His favorite quote is: “The best thing about a Boolean is even if you are wrong, you are only off by a bit”.


Front-end Developer

Zarko is a junior Front-end Developer started programming when he decided to create a website for his band. He’s passionate about music, and credits his programming skills to his familiarity with music production. Obviously, he has been put in charge of the office playlist.


Android Developer

Sasa knew he would pursue IT professionally from the time he bought his first computer. In 2004, he opened a HTML editor for the first time, as a part of web development course. That quickly led him to PHP which took him to Android apps development which is his current focus.


PHP Developer

Backend PHP developer who’s been in IT for over a decade. He transitioned from hardware and server administration to web development. He says that he loves programming because of that awesome feeling after you’ve successfully fixed a bug. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and fishing.

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